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4 C’s of Diamond Quality & Buying an Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of popping the question this holiday season? If so then you want to make sure you know all about diamonds & exactly what you are purchasing for your future bride! Ladies if you are reading this you may want to share this with your fella hint hint! I have gathered information from my husbands experience & what steps he took to find my ring plus information from the well-known Gemological Institute of America to guide you in this process. Walking into a jewelry store can be overwhelming with all the options from carat size to quality, shape, style etc. So, before you even set foot in a jewelry store read this first & you will be glad you did.

1) Educate yourself on the 4 C’s of diamond quality & how each one affects the overall price.

  1. Color- diamonds range in color from clear to a yellow/brown color. The more clear or less color the more valuable & expensive the diamond. The rating is from D colorless to Z light yellow or brown.
  2. Clarity- this has to do with internal inclusions or spots & also external blemishes on the stone, how many, & the size of them. The rating is from flawless with no inclusions or blemishes to included or I3.
  3. Cut-a diamonds cut is the facets you see or cuts/angles on the diamond (not the shape on outside) when you look at the diamond it affects the way it allows light to pass through & make the diamond sparkle. The rating is from excellent to poor.
  4. Carat- the more familiar C relates to a diamonds weight. 2 carats is more expensive than 1 carat based on weight alone however when you tie in the other 3 C’s this can impact the overall cost.

Check out the GIA grading scale, more about the 4C’s, & I really recommend the video at the bottom at Gemological Institute of America


2) What type of style & shape diamond to buy for your future bride?

This is all about taste & you know her better than anyone. I would recommend checking out different shapes/styles online to see what looks good to you & if you think she would like it. If your not familiar with pinterest it might be a good time to check it out 🙂 You could also ask her best friend or sister to weigh on this as well.

Some of the most common stone shapes are round, cushion, oval, pear, & princess cut.

Other things to consider regarding the style is the band color & if you want a solitaire (single stone), multiple stones, stones on the engagement band, or inscription inside the engagement ring or wedding band.


3) Viewing diamonds Online

Now that you have looked at step 1&2 let’s check the diamonds out online. One site to view diamonds is Yadav jewelryformerly known as diamonds on web. (Disclaimer: I am not promoting any company over another nor am I being paid to do so. I am sure there are several great ones out there, but this is where my husband purchased my ring so I have a personal experience using their services) The website is very intuitive & walks you through the process from selecting the shape, color, clarity, cut, carat, & price & shows you what is available & what it looks like with those specifications you set. Peruse the diamonds online to determine which could be a good fit for you & your budget & to get an idea of how each C rating will affect the value. You can also see the diamond in a 360 degree view. After that you can look at different shapes & settings for your diamond.


4) Viewing diamonds in the store

Once you have done step 1-3 now it’s time make an in store visit to see some diamonds! An in-person visit is to make sure the ratings for each C you had in mind look as good as you envisioned & to compare one diamond to another in quality & style.


5) Decision time

After your in-store trip I recommend thinking over the options & writing down what you liked while it’s still fresh on your mind. Next, sleep on it. Then, take some time to think about the things we reviewed, talk with family & friends, & make a decision on the perfect ring for your future bride!


6) Protect your investment

After you purchase your ring make sure you get a grading report from an unbiased source like the GIA along with your ring. This is a report of what you purchased & verifies the quality. You may want to consider insuring your ring as well in case something were to happen to it. My husband did this with my ring & was able to add it onto our homeowners insurance. An extra precaution is to have your diamond laser inscribed in case its lost or stolen.


7) Pop the question!!!

I will share more info on this on a future post as well as my own engagement story but for now I will leave you with this. Start brain storming about when & where!


My husband went through this very process 7 years ago & having the knowledge of the 4 C’s & what he wanted he went to a jewelry store & told them exactly what he wanted to see. Then he was able to look at that type of diamond & compare with other diamonds to see which ones he liked best. After my husband purchased the ring he paid an additional small fee to receive the grade report verification (A must no matter where you buy).

I hope this helps you out & simplifies an otherwise overwhelming process!

I wish you the best of luck as you track down that perfect engagement ring for your future wife! I am not a diamond expert but if you need any advice I am happy to help if I can or put you in touch with the people who are experts. Happy Wedding Wednesday!


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