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Wedding Wednesday

The Proposal

When proposing to your future wife ask yourself these questions below first. Answering these questions will give you an idea of where to start & what is true to you both.

  1. What would your future bride like & appreciate?

Does she like simplistic & romantic or something over the top & creative? Is she adventurous? Do you guys like to travel?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Simplistic & romantic- Dinner for two under the stars (think picnic style or fancy it up a bit with setting a table for just you two, bottle of wine, & candles) in a special place you like off the beaten path just the two of you. This could be a pretty park at night with twinkle lights, on the beach, on a boat on the lake at sunset, etc.

Adventurous- Hike to the top of a mountain, visit a place with a waterfall that you have to climb or work to get to, hidden or unique bridges that require walking to get to, destination by train, while in a hot air balloon, skiing, or horse drawn sleigh ride.

Travel- Paris under the Eiffel tower or outside a quaint little cafe, London, Italy while in a gondola, Hawaii on the beach, in front of a beautiful castle in Germany or Scotland.

Something over the top & creative- one of the above plus something super unique & creative that she will love.

  1. When do you plan on proposing?

Time of year, specific day in mind, after college graduation, after you start your new job, season for that part of the world, sunset or sunrise.

  1. Where will you propose?

Where will you pop the question? The physical location like in Paris, but also narrow it down further for example under the Eiffel tower or under a cherry blossom tree. Do you want it to be somewhere with little to no people, secluded, or lots of people around?

  1. How will you propose?

Will you get down on one knee, will she follow clues to find your location, will there be a sign asking to marry her, or will you do the talking?

  1. Do you want to include special details to your proposal?

Some examples are using an heirloom ring box passed down from your great grandmother, spell out marry me in something unique, or plan an engagement party right after the proposal. Think outside the box!

Other considerations-Do you want it professionally photographed or video? Will her friends or family be watching from a distance?

I hope this helps to get you thinking about how you will propose to that lucky woman in your life! Just put some thought into it & you will come up with something! Just take it one step at a time. Don’t be afraid to be creative, she will appreciate the effort!!! Whatever you decide to do as long as it is true to you both, she will love it I’m sure! Happy wedding wednesday!!!



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