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Wedding Day Designated Person

Wedding days are filled with so much joy, love, & laughter. What you may not see is all the things that go on behind the scenes such as last minute questions, phone calls, or reminders that may leave the bride feeling slightly overwhelmed. I remember on my wedding day I just wanted it to be relaxing & not stressful. How can you field the phone calls & questions & have a relaxing wedding day without being torn in several directions? Have a “DP”

On your wedding day it’s important to enlist a “DP,” designated person of the day. This is your go to girl, usually a bridesmaid, maid of honor, or sister & typically someone in the wedding party that will be with you all day. Someone who knows you & your wedding day wishes well enough to answer phone calls for you, text messages, help you to the bathroom in your dress, hold your keys & phone, have your go bag in the car for you after the reception, & answer any other questions that may usually be asked of the bride so that you can enjoy your day! If you have a planner they can answer several questions for you already but the DP is someone that knows you very well & will be right there with you all day to help you handle more personal matters. For example, aunt Isabel can’t find the address so she calls or texts the bride who is getting her hair done. A DP can help with these types of things & you will be soooo appreciative of them & glad you did this when you get to kick back & enjoy your big day!!!

I hope you have a wonderful wedding day friend!!!


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