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Wedding Wednesday

Why Hire A Wedding Planner

As I am sitting in my home watching our two year old play with his LEGO’s & stack one on top of the other in his enthusiasm it keeps getting taller & taller & eventually….you guessed it, they tumble down.

He doesn’t have the experience to know that you have to build a strong base that can handle the load of building it taller & taller & adding more & more… He knows the end result he wants, but doesn’t know yet how to get there.

Sometimes in the midst of wedding planning does it feel like your to do list goes on & on forever & at any moment if one more thing is added to your plate everything will just come crashing down? I can relate…I have been there & its not fun. I planned my own wedding with the help of a family member during my senior year of college, while taking finals, & studying & taking my state boards. I remember feeling so incredibly overwhelmed! I just wanted the perfect wedding that I had always envisioned but I didn’t have any experience in the wedding industry at the time & really didn’t know where to start. We got through it, my wedding was beautiful, & I was sooo thankful for my families help. But can I just say that I know I could have made it a lot easier on myself & enjoyed the process more if I would have hired a wedding planner, a professional that can handle the load. Someone that has experience planning weddings, knows the right questions to ask, can make a timeline in their sleep, guide you through the process, & can bring your wedding vision to life, while giving you your life back!

When planning your DREAM WEDDING do yourself a favor and hire a wedding planner! Just Do It & I promise you won’t regret it! If I only knew then what I know now & what planners bring to the table I wouldn’t second guess this decision for a second. Planners can handle with precision the pressures of planning a wedding. They literally do this every day & they are the experts. Let them carry the load for you they have the foundation of experience to do so. That way you can relax & enjoy your day & know that things are being taken care of.

What I want for my brides is for them to have the best experience possible & enjoy their day, their 1 DAY in all the days of their life this is THEIRS & their future husbands & I want them to enjoy the moment & not be stressed. I want them to have planners that go above & beyond for them & take care of my girls, my friends!!! And ladies, there are so many amazing planners out there that want to translate your dream wedding vision into reality!

I spoke to a wedding planner recently, Shannon Pruitt the owner of Bespoken, a wedding planning & event company located in Greenville, SC. Shannon is the sweetest person ever & she hugged me when I first met her!!! That pretty much sealed the deal & I knew instantly I loved her!!! She truly cares about her brides, & she was recently a bride herself so she gets it! She knows what its like to be in your shoes & the little & big things that matter to a bride from making sure every table is set just perfectly to ensuring that the bride & groom stay hydrated. Shannon & her team at Bespoken are an incredible group of women that go above & beyond for their brides to help them plan their dream wedding!

While meeting with Shannon, I was able to gain some valuable insight into the role of wedding planners & the impact they have on a wedding day & I was blown away by how much I didn’t know about wedding planning! I am in the wedding industry & there are things I still didn’t know! That’s why its soooo important to hire a planner. It’s the little details that get overlooked.

For example, one thing she shared with me was the importance of a venue staff. Full disclosure, I did not know the specifics of what this was before I met with Shannon. After meeting with her I realized having a venue staff is soo important! She shared with me that having a venue staff allows your planner to focus more of their attention on you the bride & not running around trying to figure out how to use venue specific things or how to fix the air! Some of the things a venue staff does (ask you venue for specifics) include taking out the trash, regulating heating & air, lights, techy things, & other things that are vendor specific. Most planners are not responsible for this sort of thing & you will need to either enlist an additional person to do things like pick up & take out the trash or check with your venue to see if they have a venue staff that does this!

Another tip she shared with me was the importance of asking either your planner or photographer about vendor recommendations. These folks work with other vendors all the time & if they have an idea of what you are looking for they can point you in the right direction!

If you are wondering where to start with your wedding planning check out The Top 10 Things To Do After You Get Engaged. I will give you a hint, one of the top things is to consider hiring a wedding planner. Then head over to the Bespoken Blog   to learn about all things wedding. One of my favorite posts by Bespoken is 8 Foolproof Tips to Find Your Wedding Venue. I found this post super helpful & useful to all brides wether you have a planner or not! Also, put a face with the name a check out Shannon & her team!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions or just wanna chat feel free to reach out to me! Happy Wedding Wednesday friend & I hope you have a lovely week!

Also, check back in next Wednesday for our Wedding Wednesday Series blog post to help you plan your dream wedding! Stay in the know about whats new with Lauren Berry Photography by following along on social media at the links at the bottom!



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