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Wedding Wednesday

Wedding Reception Tablescapes

Want to WOW your guest at your wedding reception with a gorgeous tablescape? First let’s talk about what is a tablescape? A tablescape is the decorations on the tables at your wedding reception! Think of landscape for your yard & tablescape for your tables! 🙂

I just love these beautiful white drapings above the tent & the chandeliers!!!

One of my favorite things upon arriving to a wedding venue is checking out all the pretty at the ceremony site & reception & capturing it “untouched”! Here are a few tips for amazing tablescapes to WOW your guests at your reception & why you should make sure your photographer gets that “untouched photo.”

  1. Work with your wedding planner to come up with a theme. This is the super fun part of wedding planning & don’t be afraid to be creative! This will be a continuation of your wedding so you will likely want the theme to be consistent throughout the ceremony & reception.
  2. Decide on the specifics. Colors, flowers, greenery, linens, runners, chargers, dinnerware, glasses, tables, chairs, candles etc. A lot of these items you can rent as well. Your planner can recommend rental vendors that fit with your overall theme. They work with them a lot & can let you know which company may have the style you are looking for! Ooh Events has some beautiful pieces to choose from! Not only do they plan gorgeous weddings but have amazing rentals as well!
  3. Table arrangements. There are so many fun ways to layout your space! Some brides go with round tables spaced out while others like rectangle tables that all connect in a straight line & have several rows. There are so many unique ideas & approaches to this & no right or wrong way. As long as you love it that’s all that matters!

4.  If your reception is outside you may want to consider a tent to cover the reception area! I absolutely LOVE the luxury &   dreamy look of the tents Sweetgrass Social-Event & Design puts together! They turn a tent from drab to fab with gorgeous curtains, draping of linens, & floral arrangements.

5. Have a unique escort display!

6. Go vertical! Create visual interest by adding flowers, greenery, linens, or chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, or tall vases of flower arrangements to bring the eye up!

7. Think about your guests & give them an experience! They will be at your reception longer than the ceremony so you want them to be comfortable, have a comfy chair, & enough space at the table for dinner. If inviting guests with kiddos you may want to consider a little something fun for them!

8. Plan enough time for your photographer to get the “untouched photo.” It’s so important to allow enough time for your photographer to shoot your wedding reception “untouched” so that you can see all the pretty without anyone or extra things in the shot. What does this mean? Untouched just means once your reception area is 100% complete with linens on tables, flower arrangements, dinnerware set, glasses, candles lit, etc your photographer will want to capture photos of the final product of your reception. You have spent so much time & put so much thought into planning your wedding & you need photos of all that hard work! That way too, you will be able to see exactly what it looked like without people in the background. Photographing these memories for my brides is a top priority as she nor her groom will likely see the final product until they walk into their reception with all of their guests.

Also, a lot of guests like to save their seat & will put a jacket, shawl, or handbag over their chair that you wouldn’t want in your photo, so its important to capture these photos before the guests arrive & before the ceremony if possible. I literally photoshopped out a large book bag that was placed in a chair & a sweater from 3 of these images. Can you guys what 3? (This was before I decided to start moving items to get the shot)

However, if this does happen not to worry, we will temporarily relocate these items while we grab the shot! Another option is to allow for enough time during cocktail hour that your photographer after taking bridal party & husband & wife photos, can grab some photos before the guests enter the reception area. This usually works if cocktail hour is in a different location than the reception. If you’re wondering how much time to a lot for this in your timeline I would say give your photographer at least 15-30 minutes. Your photographer will likely want to take wide shots of the whole room as well as close ups to show off all the little details! That’s also why it’s important that its untouched specifically for the wider shots because they show off the whole room or space.

Alright friends, I can’t wait to see some amazing tablescapes this year!!!


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