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Wedding Wednesday

Engagement Session Prep

Get EXCITED!!! This is the fun part!!! This is when brides usually say “its seems real now” because they are all dressed up, snuggled up with their sweetie, & taking their engagement photos!!!

Here are my top 5 tips to prepare you for your engagement session!

  1. Location

I love when my brides have unique ideas of where they want to be photographed that is special to them! If you have a location you would like to be photographed check with your photographer to see if they think that will make a nice backdrop for your photos. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

If you are unsure of locations, ask your photographer if they have a few they recommend & then pick from those.

Its important when selecting an engagement session location that you choose an area that has limited people at the time of day you will have your engagement session if possible (or pick a different time) & choose a location that fits the style you like. For example, if you want light & airy photos you may want to go with a clean backdrop such as white or light colored buildings or garden that’s too heavily shaded. On the other hand, if you want photos with a very dark back drop such as a dark brown barn, your photos will be more on the darker side. This is something your photographer will already be thinking of when selecting locations.

  1. Time

 Timing is soo important when photographing outdoors. You can technically have your photos taken just about any time of day & still look amazing if your photographer is strategic about lighting & placement but If the sun is very bright then your photographer will have limited options & mostly photograph in shady areas which is still totally beautiful. However, 1 hour before sunset is the absolute most beautiful magical light of the entire day. If you can schedule your session 1.5 to 2 hours before sunset that is the ideal time for your engagement session! We photographers call the hour before sunset golden hour because of the dreamy light! It creates such a beautiful glow in you will absolutely fall in LOVE with!

  1. Outfits

When selecting outfits keep in mind the overall look you want to achieve in your photos. Do you want them to look light & airy? If so then I recommend selecting lighter colors to wear for both you & the groom! Wear something you are comfortable in but do dress up!

I like to tell my brides to bring 1 or 2 outfits, with the 1stmore casual & the 2nd dressy & more of a “date night” outfit. Flowy dresses always photograph so beautifully!

For the guys a suit coat or blazer & tie or bowtie look sooo nice on them or button up dress shirt with a large print for a more casual look!

  1. Clean your Ring

The last tip is to make sure you have your ring cleaned before your session. Your photographer will likely photograph it & having a clean ring will allow the light to penetrate all the little facets in your diamond & make it sparkle!!!

  1. Hair & makeup

Go ahead & splurge & get professional hair & makeup that way you don’t have to worry about it & you will feel & look fabulous while getting your photos taken!

Since you both are already dressed up why not go ahead & plan a nice date night for the two of you after the session at your favorite restaurant!!!

I hope this is helpful to you as you plan your engagement session friend! We are just skimming the surface here of tips & tricks, I got into even more detail in the info I send my brides before their engagement session so they are 100% ready to rock their session with confidence! If you would like to know more about booking your wedding with us you can contact me here!


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