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Wedding Wednesday

Timeline Talk Series |Wedding Day Timeline Intro|

Timeline Talk Series

This week starts the “Timeline Talk” series where I will share tips & tricks to help you build your wedding day timeline with photography in mind!

With wedding season in full swing you may be finding yourself trying to pin down that perfect timeline with your planner for your wedding day & trying to balance every detail with also finding time for portraits of you & your future husband.

No worries my friend I got you! Hang with me for the next few weeks as we go through the Timeline Talk series. Because friends, this does not have to be stressful, its YOUR wedding day & I want you to enjoy it & spend the most time as possible with your future hubby & the people you love while also getting amazing photos along the way! My goal in explaining all of this is to educate you while also showing you how you can enjoy your day & be stress free knowing we got you covered!

I will be breaking down each part of the wedding day from a photography standpoint from start to finish & outlining the length of time necessary to photograph every aspect of your special day (Note this is just my way of doing things & the time I alot to each part of the day.) I will go over each part as follows pre-ceremony (details, getting ready, first look, bride & groom photos, bridal party, & family formals) ceremony & post ceremony, & reception. This timeline advice does not replace hiring a wedding planner, it only serves as an outline for those must have photographs. I highly recommend hiring a planner if you haven’t already & if your on the fence about hiring a planner check out this post about how important it is to have a wedding planner on your special day here.

Special Bonus!!!

Also as a bonus at the end of the series I will be offering a free download of my recommended timeline for a photography friendly wedding day!

Why A Timeline Is Important

Having ample time to photograph every detail of your wedding day is soooo important because I want your photos to tell your love story & be a reflection of you two as a couple so that you can look back on your wedding  album years from now & remember in vivid detail the magic of every moment, the joy in every laugh, the passion in every kiss, & the love between you then & now! I treasure my own wedding photos & I know you will too, that is why I want the very best for every bride I work with & the key to achieving this is a solid timeline that provides plenty of time for detail shots, gorgeous portraits, grand entrances, family, & every moment in between!

Questions To Ask Before You Start Building Your Timeline

Before you can start building your timeline its important to answer a few questions that will have a huge impact on your timeline.

How early can you access your getting ready site?

Will you be getting ready at the same location?

Will you be doing a first look?

What time does your ceremony start & is it flexible?

Will you be traveling to multiple locations for getting ready, ceremony, & reception?

What time is sunset on your wedding day?

Are there large buildings or mountains near your ceremony site?

Do you want your photographer to stay until the exit?

Are dancing shots important to you?

How long do you have your reception area & what time is your intended exit?

Keep the answers to these questions handy & we will circle back to these questions at the end as we build your timeline & I will explain how each one fits in to build your picture perfect timeline!!!

Now you have your homework for this week. I recommend discussing this with your fiancé, planner, & anyone else involved in the process whose opinion you trust.

Alright friend, join me again next week to discuss the first part of the “Timeline Talk” series Pre-ceremony!

I hope you have a lovely week friend & happy Wedding Wednesday!!!

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