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Bar Harbor, Maine Travel Guide |Bar Harbor, Maine Photographer|

Bar Harbor, Maine is such a beautiful place to explore & it’s the cutest little coastal town. The town is right on the harbor with beautiful historic hotels overlooking the harbor. From many streets you can see the ocean, its truly a gorgeous place & we can’t wait to go back! Michael, my hubby, & I decided to go there on a weekend getaway!

We would love to share with you our top five must see/do things in Bar Harbor, Maine. 

Whale Watching

You can take whale watching tours right here in Bar Harbor & see the gorgeous creatures in their natural habitat. Tours run from the end of May to mid October. We didn’t get to see any whales on our trip since we went at the beginning of November, but that gives us another reason to go back!

Acadia National Park & Hiking

If you enjoy hiking & seeing gorgeous views on your hike, Acadia National Park has a plethora of trails for you to enjoy! Some spots we enjoyed were Sand Beach (you can drive there or hike) & its really beautiful! Sand beach has some fantastic views on all side & you can get an aerial view from the Beehive trail too! Cadillac Mountain (drive to it or hike) is the most eastern point in the US, the sunrises there are amazing its the first place in the United States where you can see the sunrise! Michael & I went their for sunrise our last morning in Maine & it was incredible & also freezing cold, so make sure you bundle up if you’re there in the Fall like we were, the temps were in the high 20s in the morning.

Sand Beach
Views from Acadia National Park
Sunrise at Cadillac Mountain
Me taking in these breathtaking views

Bar Harbor Downtown Area

The downtown area is so quaint & cute, giving you all the vibes of a small coastal town! We enjoyed just walking around trying new foods and if you stay at the Bar Harbor Inn, it’s within walking distance to everything in the town it’s about a one minute walk over to the downtown area. There are lots of places to eat & shop in downtown while admiring the gorgeous harbor views along the way! The place where you are staying may be able to offer some suggestions & you just have to try lobster while your there & the blueberry pie- apparently blueberries are a big thing in Maine-who knew! They have blueberry everything from blueberry tea, which was fantastic to their famous blueberry pie that is equally as yummy!

The Bar Island Trail (Sandbar)

The novelty about the Bar Island Trail -Sandbar is that its only there for about 3 hours during the day & then its gone! The Sandbar is fun for kids & adults (we loved it too J). The Sandbar connects from the town to Acadia National Park & is only accessible at low tide! Its about a 5-8 minute walk from Bar Harbor Inn. You can spend some time walking around & searching for shells & seaglass & maybe a starfish too! PS I would recommend wearing closed toed shoes the rocks & shells were really sharp & lots of barnacles especially near the outer edges!



Maine has 60+ lighthouses. There is only one in Bar Harbor that is accessible by land & is within Acadia National Park called Bass Harbor Light House. The others in Bar Harbor are only accessible by boat. We visited the Bass Harbor lighthouse & it was gorgeous, you can drive to it & then walk a very short distance (about a minute) down the stairs to see it. However, we found that the best views were from the left side past the bathrooms & down a short trail. On this trail you will have to climb out on the rocks to get a better view as the trees block it from the trail but it’s a lot about the adventure right! We kept going out further & further until we could get the best shot of the lighthouse & it was definitely worth it!

Bass Harbor Lighthouse from the right side entrance
Bass Harbor Lighthouse from the left entrance & standing on the furthest rock (Don’t look down)
Michael living on the edge

A couple additional recommendations- There are many excellent places to stay in Bar Harbor, we stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn overlooking the harbor & it was fantastic & we will be staying there again for sure! The hotel staff was very helpful & gave us recommendations on places to eat & the best time to visit, which by the way is June & September. They also had the cutest little tea & coffee room that I fell in love with & we made several stops in there throughout the day refilling on tea to stay warm on our hikes. The icing on the cake is they serve breakfast & its not your typical continental breakfast it was very tasty & fresh. If your not up for a continental breakfast they also have a restaurant on site that serves an amazing breakfast & overlooks the harbor! 

I hope this was helpful to you friend & hope you have a fabulous time visiting Bar Harbor!

PS we will be sharing our travel guide to Paris in April so don’t forget to check back in!

Happy adventures,

Lauren & Michael Berry

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