My love for photography started with my Mimi. Never without a camera in hand, she has always been the documenter of my life. As I’ve grown older, I’ve also grown to appreciate the memories she captured more and more. I can spend hours sitting on the floor at my Mimi’s going through her picture boxes (most likely while eating a sweet treat!)

My husband and I got married in June of 2012 and our photographer, Linda, was amazing. The photos were great but Linda’s patience and warmth made us forget we were standing in front of a camera. It was like we were just hanging out with an old friend. She helped train me in the early days of this business and even today she is one of my biggest encouragers.  

As much as I love all the magical details of a wedding day… the dress, décor, venue, flowers, I chose to pick up a camera because I believe every couple deserves to feel like they’re in good hands on their wedding day. 

Meet Know Lauren & Michael


It all began senior year when he held my hand and never let go. Ten years later, we’re still holding hands. 

Over the years, we’ve added Cooper, our fur baby, our little boy Luke, & we are expecting baby #2 in August. Coop really loves giving his little brother kisses (slimy licks) and we have him to thank for Luke’s hairstyle. These two are the light of our life and though it may sometimes seem chaotic in a house with a one year old and a ninety pound fur baby we wouldn’t have it any other way! We are blessed beyond measure!!!

The Berry Family


New mom, coffee & chai tea lover, decorates in spare time, loves reading, listening to podcast, & traveling.


Second Shooter, Tech guru, coffee lover, builds farm tables is his spare time, & also works as an engineer Mon-Fri!


Coming soon!!!

Baby Berry # 2

Loves pupperoni, playing with his little brother, & opening gift bags at Christmas! Good thing he can’t talk because he goes through all the gifts and knows what everyone is getting!


Mommy’s handsome little fella, loves mandarin oranges, saying bye bye, walking, dancing with mama, & playing with his daddy and big brother Coop Dog!



I love to light a fire and cuddle up with a chai tea latte & a good book next to my hubby on the couch. I read a few different genres- Love stories especially by Nicholas Sparks are my favorite, Crime & Mystery-love James Patterson-he’s an amazing story teller, Christian & marriage related books-The 5 Love Languages & Love Dare, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, Self improvement, Leadership books, & the newest addition to my list of book genres-parenting books.



 I love decorating in general and aspire to be the next Joanna Gaines haha. I love blending the old with the new, layering, & giving our home a cozy farmhouse feel! Just to name some of my favs-shiplap, wreaths, cute green plants & flowers, books, world map photos, repurposed barn wood with quotes, old window panes made into a frame, soft throw blankets, candles, birds & nests, & fluffy pillows!



I love all things aqua if you haven’t already guessed!!!



I love cute little notebooks to write down my ideas, lists, and keep my thoughts organized. 



Ok so maybe I am a little OCD and have my life planned out like 10 years from now). Yep, it drives Michael crazy when I am trying to plan our trip to Fiji like 3 or 4 years from now and our second Hawaii trip in 5 years and when I ask “Well what time of year do you want to go or what hotel?” and his response is “Babe I don’t even know what I’m doing next week!!!” Gotta love it! 


statement necklaces

This totally changes your outfit and how you feel! I can be in a plain shirt and throw on one of these bad boys and boom instant glam and I feel girlie and feminine! And this is great for me as a new mom because a lot of time my best accessory is baby slobber, but I wear it proudly anyway!


chai tea lattes

 Sooo Yummy!!! This is like happiness & a hug in a cup. It gives me that warm cozy feeling and makes me smile!!!


birds & nests

I love decorating with birds and nests, they are so pretty and give our home that cottage & farmhouse style which I love! I usually find unique bird nests decorations at Pottery Barn, TJ maxx, or Home goods! I kinda have an obsession with this maybe because I rescued some baby birds when I was little when the mama bird didn’t come back I convinced my daycare teacher that I could take care of them!



I love lavender, vanilla, or sugar cookie scented candles, wax cubes, or plug ins! They make the house smell amazing!!!


things that bring us


behind the camera


our farmhouse

We are in the beginning phases of building our farmhouse/dreamhouse & can't wait to share more photos with you as you venture with us on this journey!


 I say shiplap you say... Joanna Gaines!!! I can't get enough of how beautifully she decorates & I am completely in love with her farmhouse style! I love to decorate & pair the old with the new or bring an old piece of furniture to life with some fresh paint!

building farm tables

My husband enjoys building custom farm tables in his spare time & has become quite good at it!  I can't wait for him to build ours for the farmhouse!

“being happy never goes out of style”

- KATE Spade